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Communication Breakdown (Page, Jones, Bonham) Instrumental featuring Al on Harp

Godzilla (Donald Roeser) Vocals-Al, Harmony-Frank & Dave

Hush (Joe South) Vocals-Al, Harmony-Frank & Dave

Jesus Just Left Chicago (Gibbons, Hill, Beard) Vocals-Al (Vs 1,3), Frank (V2)

Just A Little Bit (D. Gordon) Vocals-Al

Paint It Black (Jagger, Richards) Vocals-Al, Frank(harmony)

Running Down A Dream (Petty, Lynne, Campbell) Vocals-Al, Frank(harmony)

Sympathy for the Devil (Jagger, Richards) Vocals-Al, Dave(harmony)

Waiting For The Bus (Gibbons, Hill) Vocals-Al, Harmony-Frank & Dave

You Wreck Me (Petty, Campbell) Vocals-Al, Frank(harmony) 

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